Gonnella Baking Company


The Client

Since its humble beginnings on Chicago’s De Koven street in 1886, the Gonnella Baking Company has established itself as a staple in Chicago’s food landscape. For over 130 years, the bread manufacturer has maintained an unwavering commitment to quality, using premiere ingredients, innovative techniques, and tried-and-true recipes passed down from generation to generation in the Gonnella family.

The Opportunity

Gonnella’s rich tradition of refined recipes through state-of-the-art technology built a recognizable enterprise brand with a strong presence delivering frozen dough in the food services industry. However, with the fresh sliced bread available to consumers at local grocery chains, Gonnella wanted to ensure it connected with a younger generation of shoppers. Gonnella understood the importance of cultivating an online community in order to stay competitive; Mabbly knew how to build it.

The Outcome

Mabbly created a best-in-class social experience for Gonnella on Facebook and Instagram. Boasting over eighty thousand (80,000) actions taken on Gonnella’s social channels and counting, Mabbly’s strategy established a strong community of bread enthusiasts and reinforced Gonnella’s prominence in the retail space. With over one million campaign impressions, Gonnella garnered significant brand-awareness through their social presence and visual identity. Additionally, Gonnella experienced a follower growth of 72% year-over-year, demonstrating the ways in which content posted by the bread manufacturer not only attracted but also retained consumers while building brand loyalty.

The Content

Content is king on social platforms. Mabbly’s Production Studio created best-in-class photo and video content for Gonnella improving upon the latest trends in food photography. Utilizing a dual-strategy approach of original and user generated content, Mabbly sources, curates, styles, drafts, schedules and executes each piece of content. This methodology ensures a unified and consistent brand message.
Decrease in Campaign Cost Per Result
Social Engagements
Increase in Campaign Result Rate
Paid Campaign Impressions
Growth in Followers Year-Over-Year
Visual assets created

The Results

Since the inception of our partnership in 2016, Gonnella has seen a 72% year-over-year growth in Facebook page followers and page likes– a result of organic and paid content execution and management. Moreover, campaign cost per result has decreased by 74%, while the result rate per campaign has increased by 77%, signaling strong engagement and growing success with paid campaigns. With constant monitoring and optimization, Mabbly is able to refine the strategic direction, as proven in the second half of 2018, where, in just six months, Mabbly doubled the engagement rate on Instagram while posting less frequently, drove more website visits via Instagram, and gained an additional three thousand (3,000) followers on Gonnella’s key social channels.